Hired Client Work

This section features work I have done by hire. Here is where I will showcase designs, orders, curations, shows, and any other art jobs I attain.

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Logo Design for Phill Kelner

As apart of this job, I was asked to iterate on initial designs I provided for Phill. I sent him four ideas of paths we could go on for sleek new designs for a personal logo to help Phill’s future employers find him. We decided on this final design.

Miami university Sculputre team logo

This was an outlandish logo design process to come up with a unifying logo that the art collaboration in Miami Universities Sculpture Department could use for promotion. This design was one of three that was decided as one of the best by the team. It came about from study of the space, project, people, and weirdness of the art collaboration team. This was the final design chosen.

Four and a Horse.jpg