Goals for Expressive Dance Performance


            Through this performance, I am aiming to display individuals through the expression of dance.  The movements, contortions, and gestures should tell the story of a single human being advancing through the stage of life. 


            I trust all of your abilities to display dances that can best reflect the emotional human being. 


            Your dance will be documented from a single video camera, mainly capturing front and back view.  A roaming photographer will be documenting from various angles.  Hence, your dances will be in a single plane of viewing from the video camera and you will dance into frame, or onto stage, and continue in the line until off stage. Also, you will be viewed by the audience in the 360 degree.  There is a line of performance you will be held to.   


            My concept (what I want viewers to take away) is an emotional/emotionless display of how people in my life have been moving in and out so quickly.  I describe this like a rotating door of people. 


            As you process the moves you wish to express, think about people in your lives that have come and gone.  This can be classmates who you have lost contact with, ex-lovers who you no longer interact with, or even a close friend/relative/loved one who has passed away.  Use the memories of these people to drive your motion through the stage and allow your body to display who these people were in your world. 


            There will be no sound/music to dance to.  In the silence, reflect on the memories of these important people and why so many allow others to come into our lives, effect us, and then leave.  This should be a personal reflection of love entering your life, and the reasons we allow this love to leave or simply how these people have become no more than a memory. 


Thank you all so much for being so willing to be vulnerable in your dance and for letting me explore my emotions through my artistic expression.

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